Bachelor Party

Book a Bachelor Party at XTC Dallas

When it comes to booking a bachelor party, XTC Cabaret Dallas stands out as the ultimate choice. As the largest club in Texas, XTC offers an unparalleled experience for celebratory occasions. With two floors and balcony views of the impressive 50-foot pole on the main stage, guests are treated to breathtaking performances and a lively atmosphere.

To ensure an unforgettable bachelor party, XTC Cabaret Dallas provides a total of four stages and seven ultra VIP lounges, offering plenty of space to celebrate with friends. Whether it’s a bachelor party or a birthday celebration, the club caters to every occasion. Plus, with a closing time of 5am, the festivities can last well into the night.

The music selection is top-notch, with a DJ spinning the hottest hits that Dallas partygoers love to dance to. The club’s beautiful light and sound system further enhance the electrifying atmosphere, immersing guests in a captivating experience.

One unique aspect of XTC Cabaret Dallas is its 18+ welcome policy, ensuring that a wider range of guests can join in on the celebration. While the club is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle), they provide convenient set-ups, including buckets of ice, cups, and mixers like juice and sodas.

With over 100 entertainers performing daily, guests are treated to a dynamic and diverse lineup of talent. From mesmerizing pole dances to captivating stage performances, XTC Cabaret Dallas leaves no room for dull moments.

While the club operates on a first-come, first-served basis, guests have the option to visit in person and leave a deposit to reserve a table, ensuring a more personalized and exclusive experience. XTC Cabaret Dallas opens its doors at 12pm noon from Monday to Friday, and at 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays, accommodating various schedules for maximum convenience.

In conclusion, XTC Cabaret Dallas reigns as the top choice for booking a bachelor party. With its expansive size, multiple stages, and ultra VIP lounges, the club offers an unmatched setting for unforgettable celebrations. The late closing time, energetic music, impressive light and sound system, and a diverse lineup of talented entertainers further elevate the experience. Whether you’re planning a bachelor party or any special occasion, XTC Cabaret Dallas guarantees a night of excitement and memories that will last a lifetime.

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