Plan your Bachelor Party at XTC Strip Club Dallas

Dallas is a popular tourist destination and major international hub, so planning your bachelor party ahead of time is a plus.  If you are going to visit a strip club while you are enjoying your bachelor party in Dallas, there is no better place to go to than XTC Cabaret in Dallas.  If you are interested in booking a table at this venue, send us an email and we can get you all setup. 

At XTC Dallas, the best man, groom and all their friends enjoy options of sitting by the stage, a nearby table, the bar or in VIP.  The BYOB club is open to anyone 18 and over.  You can bring your favorite beverage and XTC Dallas hospitable staff will help you get set up with ice, cups and mixers.

The bachelor party is not supposed to make the groom to be get cold feet or think twice about getting married. He is supposed to have the time of his life celebrating his last hurrah as a single male. At XTC Dallas, it will be a night to remember.