Party at the best Strip Club in Dallas XTC Cabaret

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When it comes to nightlife in Dallas, there are plenty of options to choose from, but XTC Gentlemen’s club stands out from the rest. Not only is it the best strip club in Dallas, it also boasts live entertainment from over 100 beautiful entertainers daily, dancing on 50 ft poles. Here are just a few reasons why XTC strip club is the best club in Dallas to party.

First and foremost, the live entertainment at XTC is truly unmatched. With over 100 beautiful fully nude entertainers taking the stage each day, you can count on a diverse range of acts, from aerial performers to lyra dancers, and everything in between. And, with the 50 ft poles, you’re guaranteed to see some truly impressive feats of strength and athleticism that will leave you in awe.

But that’s not all. XTC also boasts 5 VIP skyboxes and 7 ultra lounges for partying in style. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a VIP experience, these areas are the perfect place to enjoy the show with your closest friends.

Another major draw of XTC Nightclub is that it’s open until 5am seven days a week. Whether you’re a night owl or just looking for a place to continue the party after other clubs have closed, XTC is always ready to welcome you.

Of course, all of these amenities wouldn’t mean much without a great atmosphere and friendly staff to match. Fortunately, XTC excels in both of these areas as well. The club is clean, well-lit, and spacious, ensuring that you can move around comfortably and enjoy the entertainment from any vantage point. And, the staff is welcoming and professional, always ready to help you have the best possible experience.

In conclusion, XTC Strip club is the best strip club in Dallas to party, hands down. With live entertainment from over 100 performers daily, 50 ft poles, 5 VIP skyboxes, and 7 ultra lounges, you can’t go wrong. Don’t miss out on the XTC experience – it’s one you won’t forget.

XTC  Cabaret Guide To A Gentlemen’s Club In Dallas

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For the gentlemen’s club stranger, this XTC Cabaret guide presents what to expect and what to do for your first visit to an adult entertainment club visit in Dallas, TX

Dressing Nice Is A Must

First of all, it is important you dress nice.  Upscale gentlemen’s clubs have a dress code.  You don’t go to church wearing tanks tops or flipflops, so why would you visit an upscale gentlemen’s club wearing clothes you’d wear to shop at a convenient store?  The girls and staff are there to impress so dressing down is not good.  Shower prior to going out and perhaps chew gum for pleasant breath. The entertainers do tend to approach guest who look and smell clean.

It’s A Good Idea To Bring Cash to your first Adult Club Visit

If you don’t really care about paying extra fees on your credit card, bring cash. Don’t worry about small bills, the clubs have plenty of $5s and $1 for exchanging.  Strip club staff rely on tips, so before you enter and leave the venue, you’ll notice that you’ll be tipping valet, dancers, waitresses, bartenders, floor host, and the door hosts. If they sit you in an exclusive VIP area or if you’re wanting to make a music request from the DJ, those staff expect tips.  If you run out of cash, many clubs have ATM machines, but expect to pay up for that withdrawal. 

Dayshift vs A Night Time Strip Club Visit

If you are not looking to be in an overcrowded venue, maybe you’ll consider a dayshift visit for your first time.  Most adult club’s dayshift offers Happy Hour which usually includes no cover charge, discounted drinks and good lunch choices.  Yes, the food is really good at many clubs believe it or not.  Since it’s not crowded, you are most likely to get special treatment from staff and entertainers who have more time to sit around and talk with you.  If you are looking for louder music in a faster pace environment, then the night shift is a good fit.  This is when you will usually find more entertainers performing as well.

Sitting Or Standing?

If you don’t drink alcohol that’s fine, you may buy a soda, bottled water or any non-alcoholic beverage the club offers.  If you really don’t want a beverage, don’t expect to sit at a table and not order anything.  Tables are for customers that purchase anything to consume.  Some BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) gentlemen clubs charge a price for sitting at an empty table.   If the club has a kitchen ask for a menu.  Believe it or not, many strip clubs rank high on having great food and many strip clubs kill it on creating great fried treats.  Ordering food might work for you if you don’t want to stand.  Standing is also ok.  It allows you flexibility to walk around and see all the features the club has to offer as well.  No two clubs are the same, so ask if you’re not sure.  Staff members are there to make your visit a memorable one.

The Stage

Patrons that sit at the stage usually do so to see the endless display of girls dancing their turn.  Topless clubs only allow topless dancing and at full nude clubs you’ll see girls take it all off.  Customers who sit at the stage usually like to get their fill on watching all the girls currently performing at the club.  They are not usually into buying dances but don’t mind sitting on stage with a stack of singles stuffing dollars in a few garters as the girls show off their pole and dance moves. Whatever you do, don’t throw coins.  That’s not what garters are for and it is considered rude.

Interacting with the Girls

Be nice to the girls.  Just because they are strippers doesn’t mean you are allowed to be nasty or rude.  Don’t be gropy, aggressive or insist on her telling you her real name.  The pole dancers prefer to keep their lives private, separate from the fantasy life and the show they provide the guests. 

Semi Private Suites

Unlike VIP seating, private suites or the famously “Champagne Rooms” are just that, semi-private luxurious seating areas often accommodated with private bar and server.  They are usually themed and cut off from the rest of the club.  These rooms are used to get some semi-private time with the entertainer of your choice.

Taking Pictures

Clubs do not allow customers to take pictures of the girls.  If you have an entertainer sitting with you and would like a picture with her, just ask her.  You’ll find some girls will be happy to pose in a picture with you. If you want to get some pictures of your group, ask a host to take a picture of your group.  They’ll be more than happy to get you a good shot for your Snap or Insta.

Can I bring my girlfriend?

Yes, adult entertainment clubs allow women, but the same rules apply to them.  Dress nice, behave and have a good time.

In a few days you’ll be looking forward to your first strip club visits.  Are you nervous?  Don’t be.  First timers can have a really good time and create a memorable experience, especially if you are going with a group of friends.  We hope this guide helped on your quest to your first time visit to an adult club in Dallas.